Pay Per Qualified Leads

The Pay Per Lead services that we offer are more earmarked than traditional SEO strategies. Our combination of on page SEO strategies make the most of the organic search results and pay per lead generation so that your business receives high quality and qualified prospective buyers immediately.

Pay per lead advantages

  • Pay per lead – pay for qualified leads. 
  • Let clients find you, don’t go chasing after them.
  • Provide us with the exact demographics of the kinds of clients that you want calling you.
  • Agree on a payment per lead that works for you.

How are we going to get Qualified Leads?

We care for you to have a positive pay per lead experience. We treat you as our partners and we know that the more business we create for you, the more advantageous it is for both of our businesses.

Our leads are generated in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Adwords and other PPC networks.
  • SEO and Organic Results
  • Landing Pages that are split tested for the best conversions.
WebHarmony is a very reliable Lead Gen source