We craft elegant solutions with powerful technologies and solid strategies.


In a nutshell: we can help create aesthetically pleasing and usable websites for you, and we can bring it to life too! But specifically:

  • We can make responsive websites in all platforms of mobile devices
  • We can create any type of websites – e-Commerce,blogs, informational websites, online business brochures/catalogues site, among others.
  • We specialize in WordPress and it powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet today.


We mentioned that we wanted to help you have a strong presence in the web right? So let’s do this by:

  • Providing keywords that can generate qualified traffic to your website
  • Building and gaining natural backlinks
  • Content conceptualization
  • Making your site friendly to search engines
  • Creating paid advertisement
  • Optimizing content for meta data and title tags.
  • Get a monthly report of visitors to your websites.


Who is not on Social Media these days? So let’s be present there as well. By being on creating campaigns:

  • We target the right leads and audience with right campaigns.
  • Interacting with the social media community.
  • Analyzing right content that has high engagement with the correct audience.
  • Posting and scheduling regular posts.
  • Monitoring engagement and interaction to your audiences.


Our combination of on-page SEO strategies make the most of the organic search results and pay per lead generation so that your business receives qualified prospective buyers immediately.

  • Let clients find you, don’t go chasing after them.
  • Provide us with the exact demographics of the kinds of clients that you want calling you.
  • Agree on a payment per lead that works for you.
  • Pay per lead – pay for qualified leads.


From logos that describe the origins and significance of your brand to websites that showcase your versatility yet engaging characters.

  • Share your brand and values through your company’s most memorable and significant element – your logo and images.
  • We make sure that your style is unique and that it best represents the effectiveness of your company.


You have 15 seconds to generate interest from your website visitors and only 5 seconds for them to trust your website or not. Let’s assess and develop a design that delivers results.

  • Designs that will be accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Deliver an awesome User- Experience.
  • We can suggest designs and layouts when needed.

Here at WebHarmony we strategically pursue and create the best possible digital marketing ideas, to increase your lead conversion rates, and develop your website to suit your business needs.
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